Attention: The Vault - Level 2 Is Now Open!


We're happy to announce that The Vault - Level 2 is now open.  Anyone can enter this area by registering for Vault access here.

The Vault - Level 2 contains detailed concept art and more information about the CFE and the mysterious Wrog.


The Vault is a collection of information from the Wrog Wars. The Vault is arranged into 4 levels covering ever deeper knowledge of Wrog Ships, the Terran Space Force and development of the game. Here is a ship example:

Level 1 will show various ideas and concepts for the Wrog ships.

Level 2 will reveal a variety of detailed concept art including precise final concepts for the Wrog ships.

Level 3 will reveal the next steps in the creative process, the Modeling Sheets and artistic renditions of the 3D models.

Level 4 will reveal the fully textured 3D models for the Wrog ships and include the inside scoop on the TSF Force fighting the Wrogs. 

Codex Worlds Corp. wants you and your friends to be excited and informed about this unique action, strategy space survival game. The perks of being an active Vault participant include insider development info, access to beta, access to the developers and early knowledge of the Wrog Wars!

Accessing more data is as simple as doing a few simple keystrokes and confirming you completed the task. It takes 10 seconds! You will then be given a code word that you can use to access the info from now until the future. 

TSF Commander Myojo Out


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