Introducing Codex Worlds Part 2

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    Company Blog

Codex Worlds has a strong emphasis on graphics in our games. Great art needs expert art direction, talented artists and the programming tech to pull it off. The following people comprise our art staff for game production.



Randolf Dimalanta is our Art Director in charge of art production for web, interface and marketing. Randolf has his foot firmly in both worlds of traditional media of 2D print/web art and 3D art pipeline. He worked at Hallmark on both their printed and digital media.

Kevin Anderson is our lead concept artist and game art director. Kevin specializes in anatomy design and drawing, but crosses over to many other art styles... including space! He owns an art studio, C612 Studio, established over 20 years ago.  

Tim Kelly is our sound, music and video director. His talents span multiple media including sound development, music development, video editing and print media. He has a MGA in Motion Picture and Television with an emphasis in Sound Design. 

John Shuman is our senior 3D artist. He has an extensive background working on projects for EA, Sega and Sony including James Bond, Magic the Gathering and Steven Spielberg's Bloom Blox. 



Allison Barraza is a talented 2D and 3D artist and is our second animator who will animate both in game and cinematic animations.

Frank Etemadamini is an extremely talented 3D artist straight out of school. He is jumping in head first by creating alien ships!

Joey Goodlow is another extremely talented 3D (and 2D) artist straight out of school. He is working on game objects, turrets and interface. 

Richard Van Sant is a versatile 3D artist and animator.

Chris Chavarria is a well-rounded 2D and 3D artist excellent at taking concepts all the way to final art. Chris will be working on inventory items and game props.

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