Codex Worlds 2015 Update


Codex Worlds completed its first full year. Here are some fun facts about what we did in 2014:

  • Doubled our team size from 15 to 30 team members
  • Updated all graphics, including ships, skyboxes, and shaders, from 2013
  • Upgraded to Unity 4.6 with major updates to the interface
  • Started our second title! More news to come in early this year
  • Changed the name of our first title from Infinium Run to Infinium Strike

Goals for 2015:

  • Release Infinium Strike on PC, PS4, and Xbox One
  • Release three Infinium Strike DLC Packs
  • Start our second title on mobile
  • Start our third title on PC
  • Get partners to finance our company expansion

I always find it is helpful to reflect on the past year and set goals to improve our company (and ourselves) for the coming year. Here are our company strategies we hope to achieve:

  • We do not want to create clone products
  • We want to focus on fun, familiar game mechanics along with original elements
  • We have a laser-like focus on immersive elements in the game, including graphics and interface
  • We are a multi-platform company
  • Our games appeal to both casual and hard core audiences

I am confident we have made substantial progress in achieving these 2014 strategies. It is a tall order to continue our trek down this path. For 2015, we will introduce our first two titles, and this time next year, we could be talking about growing our company and products even more!  

Take care.