Open Beta Now Available

The free Open Beta is available now on Steam! Simply download the Infinium Strike demo off of the Infinium Strike Steam page, and you will receive the Open Beta. It includes basic and advanced interactive tutorials as well as the first 4 missions of the game! Storytelling, arcade mode, and multiple difficulty levels have been left out of the Beta. Feedback is welcome on our Infinium Strike Forums

The Full Access Beta is also available on the Infinium Strike Store. For $25, get the whole game beta via Steam, and it will convert to a full product upon release.  

The Free Bubba DLC Promotion (estimated retail: $4.99, a limited time offer) is in full swing. Simply register your Steam email address on, and we will send you the first DLC free via Steam. 

On the product front, we continue to update the game with the great feedback we received from our closed beta from Kickstarter. 

Thanks again for all the support. 

Codex Team