Demo 2.0 Now Available

Thanks for the initial pledges to our Kickstarter. We still have some work to do here. Tell your friends!

We have responded to our first wave of feedback on the product.

  • Several people noted the demo was too short and easy. We added a challenging Advanced Level to the initial demo. In addition, the tutorial covers more features.
  • We have made changes to our interface to more clearly show the options to place turrets.
  • We greatly improved the camera to lead the player to the turret banks as well as fixed a few bugs.
  • We enabled Quick Turret Mode, which allows fast placement of turrets, even if a player is roaming around space watching combat!

You can now download the new version of the demo through Steam or the linked image below.

We are still tightening up beta for our first round of testing. We estimate this will be between 1 and 2 weeks from now. So, tell your friends to support our project at $25 or higher to get access to our beta, and help us make this game great!