Kickstarter in Full Swing

We are coming up to the halfway mark in our Kickstarter. The response has been very positive on the game and the demo! Our supporters have given us some great comments and feedback. With the closed beta starting next week, we expect more input and even feedback on the mission design and suggestions.

Let your friends know of this unique tower defense/arcade-style 3D space game.

There have been several questions about the Pilot Training Pledge Tier. Here is what we posted in our Kickstarter Update:

With 6 current or former game development teachers and 6 game development program alumni on the Codex Team, we are passionate about game dev education.

1. What kind of information is provided?

We take documentation seriously, including design, art, and programming specifications. These documents will be made available and will give actual insights into a game development pipeline as well as some tips and tricks.

2. How much can I get involved?

Although not required, we offer opportunities to work on in-game assets and design. Of course, contributions will be credited in game and available for personal portfolios.

3. How much time is involved?

Again, all contributions are voluntary, so it can be zero to 8 hours. We anticipate content development will continue through the end of 2015.

4. What kind of communication is involved?

For those who want to get really involved, a subject matter expert will be your partner in developing the content, whether it be graphics, programming, or design.

5. What is required?

For art, we do both 2D and 3D, so the minimum would be a program -- for example, Photoshop. We use Unity and C# for our dev environment. All of our design tools are custom, and mission design is largely dependent on the ability to be creative and design levels that are fun!

Come join our Kickstarter at the $25 pledge level or higher to get into the closed beta right away.