Beta Update

                                    We are getting close!

                                    We are getting close!

We are in our final week on Kickstarter, and we are really close. I want to share some insightful feedback we have gotten from our closed beta test.

  1. The early missions were too long, and with the simulation tutorials, players want to jump into the action. So we opened up the arcade mode to anyone who wants to try it from the beginning. It gets action packed within a few minutes.
  2. Although tower defense is the main thrust of the game, the experience of playing with 4 lanes and using real-time tactics with other weapons, such as ships and SuperTech, has led us to the conclusion that calling this a "Futuristic Tower Defense" game may not be giving the consumer the whole picture. It is a strategy/action game in which you are defending a battlecarrier. As the weapons officer, you have the opportunity to turn the tide of the Wrog War. We've reworked our positioning on the title to better describe the experience of the game, as beta testers requested.
  3. We are beefing up the graphics in a few areas to improve the experience on 4K monitors. We are also looking at tweaking the lighting and effects to make the visibility of the ships even better across a variety of combat situations.
  4. The later missions have been made more challenging in the campaign.
  5. Of course, several bugs and editorial on interface have also been implemented from feedback. Some mission rewards were corrected as well as a bug preventing mission 6 from being completed.

So the game is on track to be released in October! Our latest beta was updated today on Steam. We needed to restart the player profiles, but going forward, save games and achievements should be saved properly. Our goal is to carry over the save game and stats when we go to ship 1.0.

We achieved one of our major goals for Kickstarter, and that was to get consumer feedback on our game. It would be great to add a successful Kickstarter as well.


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