Update from the Writing Team

Hey all!

Our Booth at GDC 2016

Our Booth at GDC 2016

With the GDC hoopla out of the way, I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. I’m Ed Kaczynski, and I’m the Lead Writer here at Codex Worlds. My team and myself have worked diligently to help bring the world of Infinium Strike to life, and with Battlecursed recently announced, we have more content on the horizon to look forward to!

First, a little about me: I’ve worked in indie game development for about seven years, doing story, setting, and character development across three different titles of varying genres. I’ve been gaming since I was a kid, working off of an old Commodore 64, and later, upgrading to an IBM-clone with an overclocked 286 processor. Yes, you read that correctly.

The game that really hooked me, however, was Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. It was my first taste of how a video game could present itself uniquely, draw you into a story, and create an entire world that made you want to explore it. Since then, I knew that was what I wanted to do: to be a storyteller and a world-builder, and leave people clamoring for more. Some of my favorite titles of all time are (unsurprisingly) heavily setting- and story-based: Thief: The Dark Project, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy III, Fallout, etc.

I wanted to touch base with all of you - especially our Kickstarter supporters - in order to quickly update you all with some of what we’re working on right now.

  1. Kickstarter Rewards: Plot detailing and planning is complete, and we have entered the writing phase of the digital novella. We’ll have a first draft soon, as well as some samples for all of you to enjoy!

  2. The graphic novel is currently in the planning stage as well. This will very likely enter its first draft stage after the digital novella has passed first draft and entered into revisions.

  3. We’re currently in the process of fleshing out the stage and story for Battlecursed and working with the art team here to help bring that world to life.

  4. We are scheduled to release Infinium Strike in the 2nd half of 2016. We received a huge amount of beta feedback, which resulted in re-balancing the game, adding a new turret, the Warp Turret, and adding dozens of updates to the interface. Thanks again for your patience. We believe responding to feedback was worth the extra time we have taken in developing our first title!

With two different IPs with vastly different narrative styles, things are quickly getting exciting here! I hope to have more to share with you all in the near future!

Shameless plug: My collection of short stories, “The Doors of the Dauphine’s Palace” is currently available in print and Kindle versions here. For fans of Lovecraftian horror or dramatic short fiction, it’s a good read, if I do say so myself!

Edward Kaczynski