Codex Worlds Summer Update

Battlecursed hits Alpha and will be available to preview in Early Access on Steam in October.

We're really excited to share our progress with fans of ARPGs, dungeon crawlers, and rogue-style games. Since our showing at GDC, we have taken in tons of feedback and implemented the best comments into our latest build. Although we have the core game play demonstrated in the Alpha, we have plenty of work ahead and need consumer feedback on many aspects of game play, including difficulty, reward systems, new AI, and more.  

We will be giving a special discount to early access contributors and may increase the early access contribution as more of the game is completed. S

Here are the key dates to keep in mind for Battlecursed:

Early Access on Steam: October 2017

Release: 2018 on Windows/Xbox One/PS4

On the Infinium Strike front, we are working on both PS4 and Xbox One releases for Winter 2017. We're super excited to get this out to our fans on console.  

We'll update this blog when we get closer to Early Access next month.


Posted on September 6, 2017 .