The Vault

The Vault allows you access to early concept art and notes, the deciphered communications, back story commentary, and an archive of story and product videos.


Transmission Received

Citizens for Earth have intercepted transmissions from deep-space communication satellites. Read our Blogs to find the latest transmission.


Communication Decipher:

Enter Binary:

What we know of the Wrog


It is not known for how long the Wrog civilization came to be, but one fact remains clear: They have been around far longer than humans … and they have advanced beyond our capable means. From leftover war carnage, our scientists believe the Wrog to be an arthropod species with an advanced form of biogenetics. They have infused their advanced mechanical technology with their own biology. Protecting their physiological form is an infused organic alloy-steel exoskeleton that acts as a protective armor. As an advanced weaponry system, the Wrog have extremely acidic projectiles that can instantly corrode most known metals. This is unlike human technology which uses Infinium or “living titanium” that has some organic properties to regrow/repair without machines; it is still a manufactured alloy metal. The Wrog have fully integrated their organics with advanced metals into a highly evolved race. The result is a far more superior species than we have ever encountered.

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