Battlecursed is a rogue-like action RPG in which players direct a four-hero party in first-person battles utilizing unique spell combos to stem the tide of evil. A player navigates the twisting dungeons of the evil Arch-Lich, Lord Xelo Van. Along the way, the mystery of the undead sorcerer’s secret power will be revealed, along with the meaning of powerful shards of long dead legendary heroes found deep in the dungeons.


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A battle unlike any other coming Spring 2016 to
Steam for Windows, Mac, Linux and XBox One. 

Join the Terran Space Force as the weapons officer on the super battle cruiser Freedom Strike. You will combat waves of alien fighter ships by utilizing customized turrets, fleets of ships, and TSF SuperTech. Experience this unique strategy/action space game.

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Star Ace leaving the hangar to confront the Wrog menace.

Star Ace leaving the hangar to confront the Wrog menace.


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Designed for multi-platform


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