Infinium Run Update

It's been many months since we've done a company update. This blog will update everybody on the status of Codex World's first game Infinium Run

I. Team Update.

Codex Worlds is up to 25 people! The recent surge in numbers of staff from a team of 16 five months ago to today came about not only due to our goal of making sure we maintain high standards for our product but also keeping our standards high for publishing. We understand making a great game is not enough; indie publishing is a challenge, and we want to meet that challenge! We recruited a web developer, two writers, and a project lead. In addition, we've added a senior programmer, a senior animator, and an artist. We have a large web update planned in July that will showcase more of our pre-alpha project for the world to see!  

II. Game Update.

We've been coy in describing the details of our game design because we want to have the flexibility of testing out some game features and game mechanics in early builds and prototypes. Although we are not ready to do the "big reveal," we can say that we have stayed true to our goals for the design:

  1. We do not want to create another clone product.
  2. We want to have familiar game mechanics.
  3. We want to have a high production value 3-D game.
  4. We want to have a multi-platform release for our title.
  5. We want to appeal to both the casual and hardcore players.

III: What's Coming Up?

We expect pre-alpha this summer. This is where we bring outside testers and other game designers to play early builds to get feedback. We will also be selecting a few fans to get feedback on this early version so sign up for the Vault Level 2. In addition, we are planning two major web updates to announce the details of the product this summer. The first one is planned for July 1 and will reveal more of preproduction and the game direction. The larger update is the full product reveal with in-game screen shots and a product video. This is scheduled for late summer. 

IV: Other Updates. 

  1. Our Kickstarter preparation has begun. We are preparing copy, videos, blogs, screenshots, and all the tier rewards for a late summer Kickstarter for Infinium Run.
  2. We are planning for Early Access on Steam.
  3. Developer Diaries will start in the summer with both written blogs and development videos.
  4. We have started our Alpha PR Kit, which will be available in June.

We hope this update will answer a few questions about our first product, Infinium Run. After we hit Alpha this summer, we expect to update our project much more frequently! 

--The Codex Worlds Team