Introducing Codex Worlds Part I

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    Company Blog

Hello. My name is Dexter, one of the founders of Codex Worlds. In this first company blog, I want to introduce the engineering and design teams. This blog is the first of 3 blogs introducing the Codex Worlds team. The second blog will focus on our art team and my third blog will focus on publishing. 


Codex Worlds is a company founded by a combination of industry veterans and young, bright indie developers. 

Engineering Team:

Michael Baker is the VP of Development in charge of programming and art. Michael has a MFA and teaches several programming classes at the Art Institute of Austin. His favorite indie projects are those that delve deeply into programming physics and high end graphic effects.  

Bill Nelson is our senior programmer in charge of the game app, effects programming and backend server/database programming. With over 10 years of casino game and network programming at IGT and dozens of indie game projects, he is leading the charge on the coding front.

Mark Buchignani is one of our programmers. He is a veteran of numerous roles on large console, PC and MMO titles including programmer, designer and development director. Mark spent many years at AAA independent developer Stormfront Studios. Most recently Mark worked at THQ and Trion. 

Janet Fisher is our technical writer. She will translate the game design into a technical design doc. She has an extensive background in technology and technical writing with projects at Microsoft, Disney and GarageGames.

Cameron Loui is a talented self-taught programmer who is tackling our enemy AI and ship behaviors. Oh, he decided to become an eSports gamer a year ago and is currently a master ranked Starcraft 2 player. Check out this 1 hour + game!

Game Design:

Dexter Chow leads the design team. His most successful series was producing a string of 6 Warlords titles, the classic 5 star PC strategy turn based and real time games. He has designed and produced games in several genres including role playing, strategy and action. A former game design teacher, he enjoys helping students navigate to game industry jobs. His blog is here

Melissa Shaw leads our story and character development. She is a published fiction writer as well as a game content writer. Here is her blog site

Michael and Cameron are co-designers of the game.

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Next Blog: Meet our art team!