Introducing Codex Worlds Part 3

     Company Blog

     Company Blog

Running a game company is much more than making a game. In order for us to focus on the game, we need to make sure we have the all the operations and promotions running smoothly. Some of the other important aspects to growing a business include marketing, accounting, legal, community support, QA and localization. 


Here is our publishing and operations team: 

Michael Gin is our Chief Marketing Officer. He has an extensive branding, agency, creative services and web development experience at several companies including CollabNet, AMF Media Group, VeriFone and Bank of America. 

John Soo Hoo is our Chief Operating Officer in charge of accounting, business development and legal. John is actually a lead engineer for medical device development. He is a serial entrepreneur with several medical device start-ups.  

Tats Myojo is our Live Manager and Community Manager. Tats is a 10 year veteran of Ubisoft managing publishing duties including localization, QA, product submission and producing. 

Adam Power is our Associate Producer and Community Manager. He is a game school graduate and freely imparts his knowledge to high school students by teaching them art and game design.   

David Staats is our Production Producer and Technical Artist. He has experience both creating art and managing teams to create art.

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