Infinium Strike has Launched!

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After 3 years of development, Codex Worlds Corp. has completed its first product, Infinium Strike. The Codex Worlds team is excited to have consumers join the fight against the Wrog invaders.  

Codex Worlds was founded with the goal of creating original, immersive games to appeal to casual and expert gamers. This is a tall order, but we wanted to make sure players of varying skill levels can have fun with our products.

With the goal of originality, we wanted to add an element of arcade action to the tried-and-true tower defense genre. With a potent fleet of ships and many SuperTech options, relentless attacks from 4 directions (lanes) produces a feeling of high-paced action mixed with strategy and tactics.  

For the wide range of action/strategy game players, we've included a casual difficulty mode called Recruit, in which players can play through the entire campaign and earn achievements along the way. Those who finish the game on standard difficulty (called Captain) will be challenged to finish both Commander and, ultimately, Admiral difficulty levels. These harder levels are not just enemies with more hit points; in Commander difficulty, your tactics must adapt, as you're restricted to using either SuperTech abilities or the TSF fleet -- not both. In Admiral difficulty, the ante is further upped, as the Wrog are able to deploy the dreaded Super Wipe, which can annihilate an entire bank of turrets with a single, devastating shot.

For those who are competitive, the Deep Space Arcade mode provides the same pattern of enemy ships for all players, like an arcade game, to see who really is the best. Find out who survives the longest!  

Check out Infinium Strike, have fun, tell your friends, and let us know how you like it in our forums! We are always open to feedback on our titles.  

We are deep into production on our second title, Battlecursed. Check it out at More announcements coming soon!  

The Wrog War continues, and we need more recruits!

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