Critical May Developer Update

Fellow Terrans!

CRITICAL ANNOUNCEMENT: All save game data will be wiped with the latest update due to improvements that have been made to the method the game client uses to save your profile data. We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience this will cause our Beta testers and Kickstarter backers.

With the recent announcement of a July 14 release date for Infinium Strike, we are also pleased to announce that we will be offering the game in 7 languages at launch: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. All of us at Codex Worlds and our publishing partners at 1C Company are extremely excited to launch Infinium Strike worldwide less than 2 months from today!

Over the past couple of months, our testers and development team have been hard at work squashing bugs. Here is a list of recent updates and fixes:

  • Tweaked audio cues and feedback from player inputs
    • AI now says “Infinium Needed” when you can’t afford to upgrade turrets
    • Launch screen now correctly plays background music
    • Certain audio elements no longer play when sound is off in the options menu
  • Various controller tweaks and bug fixes
    • In-game codex can now be navigated with a controller
    • Controller layouts now properly display mappings in the options menu
    • Choice of Type A or Type B controller scheme is now saved to player profile
    • When using a controller, all UI elements now display as they should
    • The D-pad should now work properly for selecting menu items
    • Tweaked various menu items to require confirmation when using a controller
    • Selection icons should now disappear as intended when leaving turret selection
  • Tweaks to animations and effects
    • Added animation to the button used for selling turrets
    • Decals, skins, and themes should now apply properly to Freedom Strike
    • Tweaked the Warp Turret animation to be less visually distracting
  • Mission tweaks and bug fixes
    • Fixed typos in various objective text
    • Mission 7 should no longer fail to register objectives for victory
    • Mission 9 should no longer fail to register objectives for victory
    • When a mission is won, the mission time should now report correctly
    • Advanced Simulation should now award the proper amount of Star Credits
  • Interface and menu tweaks and bug fixes
    • Simulations now show as Captain mode when selected from Commander/Admiral
    • Can now always properly close the Instructions card at mission start
    • Tooltips now correctly display when Commander/Admiral modes are unlocked
    • Portal Warning System now has 50% transparency
    • Turret information card now correctly displays when selecting a live turret
    • The Main Menu and Galactic Map now have background scenes and animations
    • Mission Briefings now have tooltips to describe each available SuperTech ability
    • Warp Turret now shows up in the turret selection menu
    • Warp Turret now has the correct icon
    • Mission selection is now properly disabled when in Mission Briefing
    • Various option selections should no longer reset when exiting the game
    • Fixed an issue sometimes preventing the selection of turret hardpoints
  • Game mechanics tweaks and bug fixes
    • Balance adjustments made to missions across various difficulties
    • Decoy satellite now lasts longer and distracts more Wrog ships
    • K-Missile and Advanced K-Missile target selection has improved
    • Advanced K-Missile Turrets now fire at the correct rate
    • Regression Turrets no longer lower Wrog levels before firing
    • Reduced Star Void flight speed by 50%
    • Sentry Satellite should no longer be usable before the cooldown is finished
    • Various adjustments to reduce overall RAM usage

As always, our entire team thanks you for your continued feedback and support. Over the next 6 weeks, we will be working hard to implement localized text and assets, as well as performing in-depth testing and bug squashing in preparation for a July 14 release.

Until next time,

Terran Space Force Command