Road to Beta


Infinium Strike is well on its way to beta! With our current velocity, it appears we will hit beta within the next 30 days. This is a major milestone for the team. The game will be fully playable with final quality graphics and features complete. Of course, there will still be tons of design left based on beta testing feedback from Kickstarter and our closed beta test. So for anyone who wants to be a beta tester, we are announcing our extensive beta test program. If you are on the fence, try out our demo for free. It will be out soon.


How do I join?

There are several ways to join the closed beta test. You can respond to our open request for community members to join (to be announced in our forums at We will be selecting a group of testers from all of our community beta requests. Alternatively, you can pledge on either Kickstarter or our own Codex Early Access program, which guarantees you will have the option to join the beta program.


How long will the beta test last?

The beta test will be about a month. Participants can put in as much or as little time as they like. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


What will the beta testers get to test play?

Testers can participate in actual missions that are our best efforts at fun game play. We have a lot of them. We want to hear what you like, what you don’t like, what is too hard, too easy, and even tweaks or new ideas for missions. Based on feedback, we will adjust, add, subtract, or even create missions.


If the game is feature complete, what can be changed by beta tester feedback?

Actually, a lot can be changed. Although we have been in development for 2 years, we decided to do our testing late in the process so we could actually implement suggestions quickly because our game and editor are stable and feature complete. Hitting beta also means we can add or delete things without creating new bugs or greatly extending our development time.


When is the product going to be released?

Fall 2015 is our planned release. With beta in sight, our confidence level is high the game is close in terms of getting everything tweaked and having a complete product. The fun factor is always the most important thing, so we planned to keep our beta period flexible to allow for feedback from the community and Kickstarter. In the event our stretch goals are achieved, we want the time to do a great job on the extra content.


When is the Kickstarter and Infinium Strike Pilot Program

We are looking at late May to launch our Kickstarter as well as our own early access program called the Infinium Strike Pilot Program. These campaigns will allow us to fund the team for the extra months to update and balance the game, so it is a win/win. The support tiers will be exactly the same in both Kickstarter and Infinium Strike Pilot Program, so support us either way.

Look for Kickstarter in a couple of weeks. If you want to help out our team during beta, join our beta program. Come Join the Fight!


What do I get for being a beta tester?

We have goodies planned. :) We love our testers.