Beta and Demo!

Infinium Strike is Beta!

The game is fully playable from beginning to end. All game graphics are in. We are now balancing all 4 difficulty levels. That should be done in about two weeks. We will be starting beta testing once all the levels are playable. There are two ways to join our closed beta: 1) Pledge on Kickstarter to get guaranteed full beta access to our game; or 2) Join our community at, and you will be eligible to join our closed beta.

Demo is available now.

You can play Infinium Strike right now! It has been two years in the making, and our team is excited to get feedback. Download it off our website, and please comment in our forums.

What’s next?

Kickstarter! We are on track to announce our Kickstarter campaign this month! 

How can I get the first DLC for Infinium Strike free? 

The Free Bubba Missions chronicles the special campaign to free the deadly, toxic creatures from the grasp of the Wrog. An estimated value of $4.99, this DLC is free after a successful Kickstarter to any Kickstarter backer who registers with his or her Kickstarter email on the website! Keep an eye out for our campaign in July!

Thanks for all your support. Let’s get the Wrog.