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Infinium Strike Release Update

At Codex Worlds, we have remained committed to the beta process and taking feedback on everything from game play comments, to art comments. to interface comments. As we prepared to launch in Q4, we looked at our feedback, looked at our goals, and finally looked at the status of our product. After much debate, we have decided the benefits to the product are worth pushing the release date back to Q1 of 2016. With the extra few months, here are some of the improvements you will see in the game.

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Tactics for Production Part 4

How do we develop project teams within our overall 25-person team? There are many challenges in making and publishing a game and just as many challenges in managing a team of 25 people. This blog will give more insights on how our decentralized indie team works on both development and publishing projects. Here are some of details/challenges:

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